March 2nd & 3rd 2023

Quantum Beach is an exclusive conference and networking event that brings together the leading stakeholders in the industry. The event is limited to ~120 individuals and provides an intimate setting for leaders to connect, learn and form meaningful relationships.

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This event is invite only and focused on connecting senior thought leaders across the ecosystem to create material
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Sponsored booths and keynote speeches can get tiresome and ineffective. That's why Quantum Beach prioritizes interactive networking

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Thursday March 2nd, 2023
Cocktail Reception
Welcome Dinner | The Grove*
Friday March 3rd, 2023
Registration & Breakfast
Introduction: The Quantum Insider & Tech Beach
Event introduction Presented by The Quantum Insider & Tech beach.


Public Good: Collaborating With Government Agencies and Entities for the Future of Quantum
Investments from government agencies and national research labs and institutions are driving the growth of the quantum technology ecosystem worldwide. During this session our panelists will take us inside the process of why governments are interesting in the quantum space — and how they are selecting projects for funding. The panelists will also offer best practices on reaching out to government officials and how to communicate and collaborate with them.


The Current State of Quantum Technology and The Global Market | Panel
Propelled by investor and government interest, quantum technology is a fast-moving emerging market where immediate information and intelligence is needed to navigate this exciting, but risky market. This panel will look at the current size and shape of this market landscape, as well as key geographies and communities. Session attendees will also gain a better understanding of emergent value chains and business models.


Networking and Refreshments


Investing in Quantum Computing | Economics and Attractive Sectors
If fully realized, quantum computing could ignite a globally transformative technology that could offer savvy investors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This panel will review the current amount of capital flowing into the market and offer an overview of investment trends. Attendees will also listen to experts on opportunities and challenges in deploying capital in the quantum computing market.


Getting Quantum in the Enterprise: End User Applications and Focus Verticals | Panel
Building quantum is just the first step. To realize the full value of quantum computing it must be delivered into the hands of domain experts and entrepreneurs who can use the technology to generate benefits for customers and society. In this panel, experts will discuss the emergence of delivery of quantum computing in the cloud and go-to-market strategies and pricing.


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Debate: How quickly do we need to move on quantum security and should we rely on PQC QKD?
Nobody really knows when the first quantum computer will be robust enough to crack algorithms that have kept our data safe and secure for decades. So why the rush for post-quantum cybersecurity? Some experts say there is still time to prepare for the eventuality of this threat; others say the best time to prepare was yesterday. In this session our panelists will both debate whether this threat is looming, or far off, and assess the merits of our current tools – specifically post-quantum cryptography or quantum key distribution – in managing this pending wave of technological disruption.


Networking & Refreshments


Debate: How much progress have we really made in Quantum Computing Roadmaps?
In this session, we are paving the way for a meaningful discussion on the use of roadmaps in the quantum industry. Taking a cue from our colleagues in the classical tech field, quantum companies display their roadmaps as a way to drive interest among investors and clients, as well as guide a shared vision for company staff and leadership. But, these roadmaps have also generated controversy. Are they actually detailing current progress in quantum – and, if not, are they reliable to guide predictions on the future of the quantum industry? Our panelists will debate whether these roadmaps are right on track – or hopelessly lost.


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